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Info about the photos

Prefix Photographer Camera Scan Picture resolution Average size Comments
JZ John Zangwill Sony DSC-P1 Digital Camera 2048×1536 1.2mb Some noise at low intensity
JB Jon Bentley Nikon F90X, Sigma 28-200 lens topfoto CompuPic CD 3000×2000 3.5mb Scanned from slides. Slightly noisy. Very large files. Software didn't work on my laptop
MW Matt and Helen Ward 1-36 Pentax Espio 738G
37-72 Canon EOS 500N
Jessops "FILM TO CD" 1536×1024 800kb Scans rather noisy and contrasty.
PV Pete Shepherd "Made in Taiwan" Digital Camera 1024×768 350kb

Info about the viewer

Send me your scans and I'll put them all on one CD, I said! Soon emails and jiffies full of CDs were turning up. Lo and behold, four different formats with different sizes and aspect ratios! The result, hopefully, is a "browser viewable" CD. i.e. all HTML/Javascript and it won't try and install software on your PC. I've tested it on Microsoft Internet Explorer 4, 5, 5.5 but it works best on 5 and above. Click here to install 5.5. The thumbnail viewer only partially works on Netscape but not the picture viewer, so the thumbs just link directly to the jpegs. It might work on the Mac if I can sort out the CD format. Unix CD compatibility problems I'll leave for another day...

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John Zangwill 12th May 2001